• This is the Sabaki Bridge. It is located in Malindi County on the Kenyan coast. The estimate terrain elevation above sea level is 19 metres. It is just one of the many scenic attractions on the Kenyan coast. The old Sabaki Bridge was a one-lane steel suspension bridge built in 1962 as the only trunk road to link the then Coast Province and the North-Eastern Province. The bridge was opened by retired President Daniel arap Moi in 1997.
  • This is a fish market. Indigenous fishing communities consumed fresh fish like these. Sun drying and smoking were the only means of preservation. Excess fish was either dried or smoked as a means of preservation. Smoked fish was transported by fish mongers to markets for sale. There were many fish markets both on the water fronts and inland setups. Fishing remains a major economic activity for many communities in Kenya.
  • Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, Kenya’s founding father and first President addressing the press. Mzee Kenyatta who passed on in August 1978 led the fight for self-government which enabled the country to attain independence and sovereignty in 1963. Mzee Kenyatta served as the first Prime Minister (1963–1964) and President (1964–1978) of Kenya. His son, Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, elected in 2013 is the current and fourth President of Kenya.



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