In the year 2006 Madca established cultural centers starting with Bungale (Kilifi County) the burial site of MekatililiWaMenza, Magarini cultural center, MekatililiWaMenza cultural resource center,Kaloleni (Mepoho Site), Rabai, Mwijo, Hadu andGabina (MrimaWaNdege) Katana Kalulu Madcaall found in Kilifi county. The main reason of establishing these cultural centers was to help the circulation of information among the community from its headquarters that is MekatililiWa
MenzaMenzaCultural Resource Center.All this time,MADCA has been able to collect vital information about the Mijikenda including the history and the bringing back to life the Mijikenda cultural activities. You can find activities concerning the Mijikenda ceremonies which include birth, naming, age group knowledge and marriage without leaving behind the literature part of the Mijikenda which include songs,dances,poems and storytelling.

Story by SadaMwarandu.
Presented by :
Doris Kamuye – Librarian, Webb Memorial Library
Malindi Museum


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