Elimu Asilia

Kenya's Indigenous Knowledge

Subaland lies on the Eastern shores of Lake Victoria and nearby islands in Homa Bay County. The land stretches from the Gulf of Nyanza, Ruri Bay up to the Southern reach of Matara Bay. It has two main islands -Rusinga and Mfangano and other smaller ones near them. The mainland includes Gwasi hills, Uregi hills of Meari, Kaksingiri in Sindo, Suna and parts of Migori Southern shores in Muhuru Bay and pockets in Migori County.

Subaland map showing the location of Mfangano Island, Rusinga Island and Mbita town
Photo acquired from Breathing Life into Fossils Chap.6 by Alan Walker



Source: www.UNESCO.org and Elimu Asilia workshop in April 2015 at Mbita