Subaland aerial photo showing topography of Mfangano Island, Rusinga Island and Mbita town on the mainland.

Subaland is hilly, but the people have settled in the relatively flat areas. Rusinga Island is a large central hill flanked by several smaller hills. Rusinga Island has an elongated shape measuring about 16 Km by 3 Km. Mfangano island has more rugged terrain and is larger in size than Rusinga. The smaller islands, basically

submerged hills include Kiduogi (Kimapwonda), Embasa Namwere, Takawiri, Rungwiti, Atego, Sikri, Angode and Mbas. On the mainland, Gembe hills which are still Suba land are comprised of spread out rolling hills. Kaksingri and Gwassi are also hilly, but Gwassi is sheltered by undulating countryside. The hills, islands and associated forests are valued by the community.

Source: and Elimu Asilia workshop in April 2015 at Mbita