Tom Mboya Mausoleum was built in honour of Tom Mboya for his outstanding contribution to the development of Kenya and Africa. It was gazetted as a national monument in 2001 (gazette notice no.1427 dated 9/3/2001). It is located in Rusinga Island at his grave site. Tom Mboya was a pioneer trade unionist, and a brilliant and eloquent politician. He was the son of Leonard and Marcella Ndiege from Rusinga Island in Lake Victoria. He was married to Pamela Arwa Mboya with whom they had five children. Pamela served as Kenya’s Permanent Representative to UN-Habitat in the 1980’s. She died in 2009 while undergoing treatment in South Africa.

A number of Tom Mboya’s personal items are on display at the Mausoleum. They include his beloved black & white flywhisk and briefcase which he carried when he was assassinated on 5th July 1969, awards given to him by leaders from various nations, motivation books, speeches he gave at various forums, a collection of newspapers cuttings featuring him. The Mausoleum is open daily to the public from 9.00am to 6.00pm

Source: Workshop with Suba elders in April 2015

Photo by G. Busolo NMK 2016