Mzee Jomo Kenyatta and Tom Mboya                                                                                                                        Photos Donated By NMK Archives 


Tom Mboya was born in 1930. He was named after an uncle who was a great warrior and a wise man. He attended several schools including Kabaa in Ukambani, St Mary’s Yala and Mangu High, and the Sanitary Inspectorate School in Nairobi.

He became a Sanitary Inspector in Nairobi and was elected the Secretary of African Employers Union. He studied industrial management at Oxford University, attended the Convention of African Nationalists at Accra, Ghana where he was elected the chairman. Mboya was the founder of the Kenya Local Government Workers Union (KLGWU) in 1952, which later became the Kenya Federation of Labour (KFL).

He was the treasurer of the Kenya African Union (KANU). In 1957 he formed the Kenya Convention Party (KCP) which was the Colony’s Legislative Council (LEGCO). In 1962 he was the Minister of Labour under the Colonial government. When Kenya attained independence in 1963 he became the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs. Mboya was assassinated on 5th July 1969 along Government Road (Moi Avenue). He is recognized as a national hero.

A Mausoleum was built in his honor in Rusinga Island and a Monument in Nairobi near the Kenya National Archives.


 Source: Freedom and After by Tom Mboya