Mary Nyateng holding AtipaTake  atipa, wash with clean water, light the fire, using firewood on a 3 stone.  Take ash or thudho as it is called. Using cowrie-shell, scoop 2* to mix with water.Give it time to settle down. Checkon it after 5min. You will find after it has purified. Sieve the mixture of about 2cups, pour in the pot and wait for it to boil,put your atipaand wait for it to cook as you keep on stirring.  Wait for about 15min and it will be ready.
Atipa was not to be fried, instead they were to use cow milk to make it more softer and tastier. The salt they were using was called kadosero and was found at the lake.



It is very good for somebody with constipation.
Pregnant mothers whose apetite is low.
A sick person who cannot eat well

That is the preparation of Sweet atipa.

By Mary Nyateng'
NMK Database Section

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